Acronyms is one of Saskatoon’s newest bands, although its members have been a part of the music scene with various other projects. The four-piece’s seven-song debut EP, SimpleComplex, is an inspired disc packed with reverb-heavy guitar, oblique drumming and interesting time-signature changes.

The instrumental density works on some tracks. For example, on “Mirrors” the spine-chilling guitar riffage between singer-guitarist, Billy Tataryn (who sounds like a cross between Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold and Foals’ Yannis Philippakis) and guitarist Adan Lemus creates a driving art-rock triumph. However, there are moments throughout the rest of SimpleComplex that are too congested to let the pop hooks escape and take hold of the listener. At times, it feels like it’s building up to something great but it never really fully gets there. SimpleComplex errs a bit too much on the complex side, but it’s still an ambitious debut that shows definite flashes of brilliance.

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