See U


See U

Cut From the Team


See U is fairly restrained in its low end; beats feel like they are coming at you through a stethoscope, but it’s not long before the blips and bloops that scuttle and twitch around the faint, steady bass seem familiar. The whole thing plays like a distant dream though lands of raccoon tails and A, B up/down combinations. These arrangements will resonate with anyone who grew up in the eight- to 16-bit generation of video games. The racket of power ups and rewards hit in a very textured yet subtle way on See U through tracks with titles like “Insert Cartridge” and “SuperDenjin.” Long before big artists were contracted to soundtrack games, scoring them was the duty of programmers, and their mark on pop culture is indelible—just try humming the theme to Super Mario Brothers or Tetris. So hearing these spastic flashes arranged in a gentle way is incredibly soothing and cheerily rewarding. The only negative to it all is that the entire record clocks in around 20 minutes before it’s game over.

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