Painted Fruit–PF II


Painted Fruit–PF II

Painted Fruit

Painted Fruit’s sophomore album, PF II, comes with the announcement that the band no longer exists. Bands come and go all the time, but when a band shows intense growth between releases it’s hard not to feel cheated by their demise. Such is the case with Painted Fruit.

Melodic weaving guitars take centre stage as the album’s focal point and set the mood by moving from lush dreamscape to frenetic anxiety—sometimes within the same song. PF II moves along swiftly, as the drums and bass push the pace with danceable funky basslines and rhythmic percussion, making it nearly impossible to stand still while exploring its 11 tracks.

Sounding like the beautiful love child of Television and The Talking Heads, the record is modern day post-punk that does an amazing job of paying respect to the legends of the genre. The calibre of music Painted Fruit created for its second and final release is so much greater than its debut that one can’t help but feel intense sadness knowing we won’t hear a third.

Jeff MacCallum

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