Within Temptation & the Metropole Orchestra

CD Within Temptation

Within Temptation & the Metropole Orchestra

Within Temptation & the Metropole Orchestra

Within Temptation & the Metropole Orchestra
Black Symphony

Theatrical to the extreme, that’s how Within Temptation’s
latest plays out, right from the opening nearly-eight-minute instrumental
“Ouverture” through to the epic orchestral waves of the closing
“Mother Earth.” The 60-piece orchestra and 20-voice classical
choir that accompany the Goth metal band for the course of this live album
emphasize that sentiment considerably. While many bands have tried to
integrate an orchestra into their performances—Metallica, Kiss and even
Edmonton’s own Corb Lund—the effect often falls short of the
reach, with the added instruments too often simply mimicking guitar or bass
parts in the original compositions. Within Temptation manages to pull it off,
though, utilizing the orchestra to its fullest potential, allowing the string
sections to cut through the music and take the lead while the guitars are
content to lay back and provide the glue that holds together songs like the
pounding “Hand of Sorrow” and the grandiose “The

While Within Temptation is not the only group to lace its metal with
theatricality, Black Symphony feels plenty more authentic than the likes of
the bigger-selling Evanescence, even if it does occasionally get blown out of
proportion, as on “What Have you Done,” where Life of
Agony’s Keith Caputo provides guest vocals that add little to a song
that is already doing nothing new in the realm of metal. But even that
doesn’t weigh the album down that much, passing by quickly enough and
letting the band get back to what it does best: playing epic sounding metal
with full orchestra and choir turning the album into a musical onslaught led
by singer Sharon Den Adel’s soaring voice. V

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