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Why the title? Clearly the Cure doesn’t suffer from
triskaidekaphobia—13 tracks, album #13, singles came out on 13ths,
planned release date September 13—but why 4:13? It’s 2:17 before
Robert Smith’s surprisingly hushed voice slips in among guitars and
drums, 4:07 when the first Cure-ish chord’s struck, its melancholy
roving matched by Smith’s slight plaintiveness. The second track is
bouncier, and we’re closer to “Friday I’m In Love,”
further from the drawn-out storminess of recent albums. Even the lyrics push
away from the darker side of things: “I won’t try to bring you
down about my suicide.” Two poppier songs barely add up to 4:13.
“Freakshow” is a playfully jittery cut, while
“Sirensong” is the band’s twist on the “then I saw
her” cliché. The dance between darker riffs and more playful
tunes makes this disc restlessly interesting. “The Real Snow
White” is a 4:43-long swirl of slashing chords, almost over-the-top
vocal stylings and lyrics of dark desire, capped off with one of
Smith’s trademark mewls. A wicked echo-effect haunts “The Hungry
Ghost.” “Switch” scratches its way, while “The
Perfect Boy” skips along for 3:21. So why 4:13 Dream? Who
knows—but when it works, you’re best to just drift away with it.



4:13 Dream


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