Sarah Blackwood


Sarah Blackwood

Sarah Blackwood


Way Back



On Way Back Home, Sarah Blackwood—whose dayjob is singing with
psychobilly troublemakers the Creepshow—pulls out her acoustic guitar
and does some strumming to fine effect. In the opening trio of songs alone
there’s the barbed attack of “Lonely Parade,” the sad
heartbreak of “Dyin’ Day” and the ‘50s-styled
anthem “My Mistake Baby Boy.” Blackwood’s voice is dusted
with reverb, giving it a distant, lonesome roll, while the music turns on
her rhythmic strumming, helped along by some restrained accents in the form
of slippery electric guitars, accordion, harmonica and bass and
drums—all of which are barely there, appearing only as ghostly
shimmers across the songs.  There’s an untouched feeling to Way
Back Home in that it sounds at time like a collection of homemade demos,
but really its more like an old, faded photograph capturing Blackwood and
her emotions in the rawest form. V


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