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Karl Jannuska

Karl Jannuska
Thinking in Colours

Imagine the feeling of escaping a cold, dark December night and entering a
cozy, familiar haunt. Karl Jannuska’s Thinking in Colours creates that
same warmth. This album paints musical images and moods, each song evoking a
different colour. By mixing tunes of a soothing blue with those that evoke
green and an occasional grey, Jannuska treats our ears to a veritable rainbow
of sound.

“House of 100 Faces,” a tribute to a now-defunct Parisian jazz
club, is a soothing, somewhat melancholy tune that switches seamlessly
between moods and motif presentations. The song treats its subject with
amazing care and gentleness. Then, after several more songs, the greased pig
bursts onto the scene! “Greased Pig Scramble,” an impeccable
musical onomatopoeia, takes listeners on 20 children’s frantic chase
after 10 pigs during Brandon, Manitoba’s annual pig scramble.
It’s fast. It’s energetic. It’s great. 

As Thinking in Colours washes over listeners, they will sit back and join
Jannuska on an imaginative and reflective journey through his memory. At
times, the music hints at a yearning just outside Jannuska’s reach, and
this just adds to the sound’s complexity. The invitation to join his
reflections is gentle and welcoming, and the stay does not disappoint.

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