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Deviations Project

What do you get when you mix the Hungarian folk dance
Czárdás with R2-D2-like noises? Not something you’ve
often wondered about, I bet. The energetic “Gypsy Cream,” a song
on Deviation Project’s album Ivory Bow, shows the result. Ivory Bow
offers classical tunes performed on the violin, but adds an original spin to
the familiar tunes by mixing in synthesized sound effects and electronic
beats. But these songs aren’t like those shitty “dance
versions” of pop songs—you see, this album is actually good.
Through a juxtaposition of the classical melody line with techno-happy rhythm
and harmony, Deviations Project creates an album that’s both unique and

The album begins with “Pavanorama,” a stirring rendition of
Gabriel Fauré’s Pavane. The musicians keep the modern elements
really toned down for this tune, allowing the violin to tell its plaintive
story. Generally, it’s hard not to associate Ravel’s
Boléro with seduction and sex; Deviations Project’s cover of
this song makes this feat impossible. Why? Because the current version sounds
like the background music of classic 1970s pornos. It’s all there: the
wah-wah effects, the slow, pulsing beat and the “lounge lizard is near
me” feel. And it couldn’t be any better! Moving from waterbeds to
bumblebees, we arrive at “Big Bad Bumble,” a throbbing, thumping
rendition of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. If ever a
classical piece was suited to an electronic treatment, it’s this one.
“Big Bad Bumble,” along with the other songs on this album,
illustrates Deviations Project’s ability to remain true to the spirit
of the original work before fiddling with it. V 

Ivory Bow

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