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Line Traps

Line Traps


Victoria’s Line Traps’ self-titled debut is a lo-fidelity shotgun blast of broken glass served directly to the ears. The group’s brand of vein-popping punk rock—best heard on barn-burners like “Static Shock” and “Are You A Square?”—show the band jamming on the gas pedal and never letting up.

T Depression’s whipsaw guitar is complemented by bassist Poly Etherene, with the two of them trading off scream-singing vocal duties. Everything is deep in the mix and nearly indecipherable, the gloriously trashy production values adding an extra layer of grime to Line Traps’ already grimy music.

Line Traps a wickedly short album, with 12 tracks clocking in at barely 18 minutes long. The short song length serves the group’s fast and furious style well: it gets in, gets out and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

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