A Life Well Lived


A Life Well Lived

AM Static


The drum break that opens AM Static’s record snatches you with its catchy bop so quickly that it’s a little deceptive. “Break Out” is much funkier that its successors, but that isn’t to say that the record is a let down. Mellow yet danceable, the genderless vocals are framed by such muted complexity that, without repeated listens, one could miss just how much effort was put into something that feels so laid back. Though undoubtedly electronic at its core, there is an unplaceable organics to A Life Well Lived. The term modern soul seems like an apt description of these understated compositions that envelope you like silk. “Broken Toys” has a far-eastern quirk, while the synth line in “Glaciers” is especially endearing after blending a catchy intro into what could only be described as bubble wrap pop. Then there’s “Way of the World,” a very short, very folk song. A gentle release that would suit mental decompression or seduction equally, this is a tiny gem that’s definitely worth a spin.

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