Your Joyous Future

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Your Joyous Future

Your Joyous Future


Music can be the spice of life that leads us to dance and to love. Yet other times it is a twisted and gnarly beast that stalks your fear-riddled bones, slavering as it sets down to eat you alive. That’s Your Joyous Future. It’s mean, it’s ugly and it doesn’t care. Muck is an apt name for these Icelandic pillagers who manage to punch together hardcore and grind to erupt in a hollow noise that must be terrifying live. Primal growls propel guitars strangled in distortion and a bass that tongues your ears like the devil’s frenulum. Though scattered in its focus, it all comes together perfectly on “Blissless,” a track that mows you down like a blood-thirsty gorilla before it reloads on the drum break and comes in for the kill. There’s some solid attack on this record; something more pressing and pained than digital studio polish, which makes it an exciting listen if you can stomach it. It may not change your life, but it’ll certainly change the trajectory of your day.

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