Government Town


Government Town’s songs live in that folk-pop-rock-country realm that is easily accessible and most often the soundtrack to end off episode montages. You know, the three minutes at the end of the show where we see a slow-motion glimpse of the characters reflecting. Heartfelt sentiment is a big theme here. Though there really isn’t anything exceptional about the falsetto vocals or the musicianship, tracks like “Paper Heart” and “This War” are pleasant enough. Where the group succeeds is in its ability to blend an array of instruments in a fashion that never seems excessive, while still peppering in its individual contributions. Eight people in one band can be too much, and it’s a difficult task to rein in so many ideas. That being said, you get the idea pretty quick here, and though this record has a few sweet moments and certainly won’t offend any sensibilities, it really doesn’t do much to excite them, either.

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