Dear Mom


Dear Mom

Gender Poutine


The lovable lads in Edmonton’s Gender Poutine officially released its Dear Mom EP on cassette this week. It’s not innovative, but thanks to some catchy hooks, sneering gang vocals and goofball lyrics, the disc manages to be a solid taste of the group’s laid-back, ramshackle rock.

The unpretentious trio consists of Adrien Jian riffing on his fuzz-box guitar over bassist Andy Danny and drummer Chris Gustav. Tackling pizza-for-breakfast (“Mourning”), beat-up cars with back seats full of McDonald’s (“Dirty Car”) and not knowing what the hell you’re doing with your life (“Twenty-Three”) with an easy affability, Gender Poutine’s debut EP offers a fun taste of what the young band can do: make entertaining pop-rock with a side of sardonicism.

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