Meat Wave
Brace Yourself Records


The amazingly named Meat Wave is a three-piece punk-rock band from Chicago. Its new EP, Brother, is seven tracks of snotty, lo-fi riffs and adolescent shit-disturbing. The title track sets the tone, with scrappy guitars lifting you by the heart and not letting you down until the ride is over. A chorus of “you’re not my brother / you’re just another / motherfucker’s brother” is the musical equivalent of a middle finger in the air. The caustic “It’s Not Alright” is just fun, drunk punk for dark, sweaty rooms. Ditto for all 104 seconds of “Mystery,” a cover of underrated first-wave Portland band the Wipers. Brother is a master-class in tight, power-chord jams: the EP rips through in a lean 17 minutes. Put Meat Wave on repeat, it’ll make you feel good.

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