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Misery Loves Company


Montréal’s Mands have unleashed a bleak blast of noisy hardcore with its cassette, 15/6/2014. The trio’s latest is a seven-song, 48-minute epic featuring thrashing instrumentation thanks to bassist Kaity Zozula, drummer Tim Keen (who also drums in Ought) and vocalist Amy Macdonald’s fiery guitar.

15/6/2014 is a solid-—and extraordinarily long—cassette, with brutal hardcore riffs complemented by Macdonald’s fierce guitar and even fiercer vocal delivery. As a chaotic maelstrom of guitars and drum swirl around her, Macdonald sneers and coos the group’s lyrics on songs like the nine-minute “Keeper” and “Spend.” The length of each song serves them well, allowing for more richly-textured tracks that whirl around like dark dervishes.

Macdonald’s sing-songy, theatrical vocals perfectly accent the brutal atmospherics the group creates, and her charismatic delivery is slightly unusual for a heavy hardcore act like Mands, which is why the cassette is such a treat.

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