• the editor is a complete idiot. how is the governments commitments going to get funded. with unicorns and rainbows. it is a slow progressive commitment to green alternatives, does not happen overnight.

  • Albertans are angry, scared, and fed up. Forget the newspapers, politicians or interest groups. The people are done. They gave the NDP a chance, the dippers blew it. Extremists can’t shake ideology and embrace reality. We have a government of clueless radicals, yet we’re supposed to be fearing the “extreme” right. I’m not sure what is supposed to make the Wildrose so extreme, perhaps it’s trimming fat off bloated civil service. Never once have the WR claimed to cut frontline jobs of nurses or teachers but the lies are still repeated.

    • Actually, some WRP candidates, under Danielle Smith’s, have made suggestions such as privatizing health and education. Some even suggested even shutting down rural schools and bussing students to urban centres or having them learn through correspondence. Pretty horrible suggestions if you ask me.

      It’s no wonder they haven’t made any suggestions since NDP got elected. People hate their ideas. It’s way more popular to dump on everyone else than to open up yourself to get dumped on.

    • You didn’t understand the article did you, it is talking directly about you. There has been no chance given to these “dippers” and what alternative do you suggest? Right, cut civil servant pay, which includes members of the Wildrose party. As MP’s are civil servants. They could show solidarity to the people and take a 5% wage cut, to show the dippers they are serious? Never going to happen. Get your head out of the koolaid, and go back to school.

    • This is exactly the problem though–you can’t reduce government expenditure by $6 billion by only trimming the bureaucracy. The wildrose is living in an imaginary world.

    • Please don’t speak for all of Albertans. The ones who are mad at the NDP are the ones that never voted for the NDP in the first place. There are many Albertans who are fine with the NDP, especially the minorities like the LGTBQ community who have years of fighting for them, have the same rights as everyone else. That never would have happened with the WRP. So you and your friends might not like the NDP, but please don’t pretend like you ever did.

    • Those cuts you mention that the WR haven’t mentioned are exactly the cuts they would make if they were in power. Do not kid yourself.

  • That’s funny @Rachel. You tell me how Wildrose nutters could cut $6.1 billion from a $48 billion budget without it affecting frontline services. Work on less cool-aid drinking in the new year, won’t ya?

  • Judging by the way both of the opposing parties behave on social media I’d have to say the new norm is to just whine incessantly instead of actually making solid points or proposing sensible alternatives. The PCs just don’t know how to not be in power so they’re a little out of their element, but the WRP are just a marauding band of nincompoops that just pop their heads out of their angry scrums long enough to screech about whatever has set them off that day, never to actually do anything beneficial. Take Bill 6 for instance; it’s true the NDP could have done a better job educating people as they brought it fourth but the WRP actually went out of their way to mislead and outright lie to their constituents so they’d all band together and create a massive stink. Now you’ve got this tenth level wing nut, George Clark, acting like he’s going to storm the castle and steal democracy from the rightful ruling party, that is just madness. I’ve never heard the likes and really I can’t imagine a better example of what it is to be a sore loser, the PCs were in power for over FOUR DECADES and they simply had to go. The NDP will probably get the boot next go around and, if there is a gawd, the WRP will remain just an opposition party because between the lot of them they haven’t got two clues to rub together.

  • Excellent article and one that I think every Albertan should read. What alternative policies have the opposition parties proposed? All I’ve heard from them is incessant whining and crying about recall. They come across as crazy. Can someone name even one alternative that the opposition has put forward??? Just ONE???

    • Actually, yes. Anita. Greg Clark and the Alberta Party presented a shadow budget, a detailed flood mitigation program, called for legislative action on government document shredding, amongst other initiatives. And did so without lighting their hair on fire or spreading misinformation to Albertans. The Alberta Party is moderate and sensible.

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