A fistful of money

And a few solid right hooks on stage as well

As of my writing on Tuesday, CJSR was just under half of their FunDrive goal of $125 000 with about two-fifths of the annual on-air fundraiser left. I hope that by the time you read this they'll be much closer, but let this serve as a reminder for you to pick up the phone and throw something at the venerable independent station.

Full disclosure: I'm a volunteer at CJSR, so I come from a slightly biased place, but I only volunteer there because I believe pretty strongly in their goals. There are a variety of great reasons to support them, but as far as the local music scene is concerned, there is no bigger supporter than CJSR. Pick just about any band that has made a mark in Edmonton and beyond, and you can be sure they first got spins on CJSR.

It's also a pretty safe bet that most of the musicians in the city first heard something that inspired them on the station. The prevalence of blogs has made it a bit easier to find a diverse array of music, but CJSR's DJs still act as curators for anyone without the time or inclination, and they tend to boast an array of knowledge that rivals even the best blogs.

All of which is to say, of course: pick up the phone (780.492.2577) and drop something on them.

Women problems

For anyone who missed the announcement, Calgary's Women—whose second album, Public Strain, is in the conversation for one of the best of the year—has cancelled its Edmonton show that was supposed to go this Saturday at Pawn Shop. The group actually cancelled a whole slate of dates, including a forthcoming European tour, after a band fight on stage in Victoria, which reportedly involved some punches being thrown and possibly more than one band member declaring it the group's "last show ever." (Also, apparently they were all in Halloween costumes, but that's really just an absurd aside.)

Flemish Eye, Women's label, says the boys just need a break after an intensive touring schedule, and I hope for the sake of Alberta's music scene and music fans in general that that's indeed all it is: there are very few bands out there who do what Women do quite as well. In the meantime, our own Field + Stream has been kind enough to fill in for the band, and it should be a great show with Sans AIDS and the Whitsundays. V

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