Jesse Clegg


South African singer-songwriter Jesse Clegg got his start on the road at an early age. His father is Afro-pop musician Johnny Clegg, and Jesse spent the first six years of his life on tour with him. Now he’s embarking on his first North American tour and will be sharing the stage with his father on select dates, including the one at Festival Place. Prior to the show, Jesse shared his soundtrack picks with Vue.

At home
Morning: Deftones. It’s great to wake up to some alternative rock and Deftones are one of my all-time favourite bands. Their music gets me psyched and ready to take on the day.Noon: José González. I really love this guy’s voice and songwriting ideas. I listen to his music over the course of a day to chill out or to get perspective on things. He has an amazing soulfulness to his lyrics that really hits home.Night: Radiohead are always a good option. Every time you listen to this band, you hear something new in their songwriting or production ideas. They also encapsulate an interesting ambience that sets the mood for reflection on a the day’s events.On the road
Morning: Kasabian. With their heavy electronic beats and edgy lyrics, this band makes great driving music, especially when you are at the beginning of a long trip.

Noon: The Waterboys. This is a classic band and one that I love listening to at any time of day. Their Celtic influences, jangling guitar and piano sounds, as well as Mike Scott’s profound lyrics, make them perfect for losing yourself in thought while you stare out of the bus window, watching all the towns pass you by.

Night: Bob Dylan. Dylan wrote songs about politics, people, places and events. His music is rooted in history and yet always maintains its universality. I like listening to his work at the end of a long day of travelling because, despite my own experiences on tour, I am always linked to a greater context or group of people. His work gives me a sense of perspective and challenges me to question my own position within a place or culture. V

Sat, Apr 26 (7:30 pm)
With the Johnny Clegg Band
Festival Place, sold out

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